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here i am, a rabbit hearted girl

frozen in the headlights

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colors_tcg card post
⌠ Plushenko ⌡ Polygamy

colors_tcg. Tell them tamaryokucha sent you~

◄ colo(u)rs tcg
card logmastery postcopy/paste lolle tab~colors trade
◄ player
Player ✩ Jiyu
Join Date ✩ 02/08/2012
Card Count; 185 ✩ 15 to next level
Collecting; Stardust/Black Rose ✩ Other priorities - Logic/Burgers, Eternal, Key
◄ trading buddies
◄ master badges
◄ collecting
Eternal ► 01/20 Key ► 16/20

Deck ► 00/20 Deck ► 00/20

DECK ► 00/20 DECK ► 00/20
◄ OTP Deck
Stardust [13/20] ☆ Black Rose [20/20] ► 33/40
♥ Is it ok if I embrace you? ♥

◄ OTP Deck
Logic [10/20] ☆ Burgers [15/20] ► 25/40
♥ Words are more than a thousand flowers ♥

◄ future collection [15]
◄ future future collection [35]
◄ cards to keep [12]

These are cards I am considering collecting, but more than likely would trade out depending on the offer.

◄ sketchpads & portfolios
◄ up for trade [46]

~*Special cards*~

◄ pending
holds ► 2 crayons ► 7
Holding -
(for galearc)
(for mongoosehwrs; pending: fullmoon18)
x01 x01 x02 x00 x00 x01 x00 x02

~*Tobi-han/Valentine's Day Chocolates*~

◄ trading terms
current ★ Nyet! No trade!
future decks ★ May trade for current decks.
future future decks ★ May trade for current or future decks.
keeping decks ★ Cards I'm considering collecting. Will probably trade out, just ask. Please offer.
special cards ★ Depends on if collecting or not. 1-for 2 regular cards.
special card rationale: 1) takes more to crayon 2) harder to get enough cards for Art Studio, just because there are fewer decks 3) extra rewards for completing a deck 4) counts two colors for a portfolio
trading decks ★ Anything is up for grabs. Prefer to trade for current/future collections. If you don't think you have anything I'd like, feel free to link me to your card post! :3
signatures ★ Will trade signatures if available, just ask!
crayons ★ Keeping red, blue, or purple crayons. May trade other colours, just ask.
◄ credit
coding → replica

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sob, I don't suppose I have any thing you may be interested in for your samekh07, do I? ;w;

Actually, you have several cards which I'm kind of thinking about collecting trololo~ I'll take it for birthmark15. :)

ooouu, how faboo! *A* Would you like me to hold some stuff for you, in that case? :3

Here 'ya go~

If you wouldn't mind, could you hold locket07/19 and overpower15, though I really have no idea when I could get back to you on that. DX

I'm sorry for how long it's taken me to get back to you! If you'd still like me to hold onto them, I'd be more than happy to. ;A;

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