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here i am, a rabbit hearted girl

frozen in the headlights

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colors_tcg card post
⌠ Plushenko ⌡ Polygamy

colors_tcg. Tell them tamaryokucha sent you~

◄ colo(u)rs tcg
card logmastery postcopy/paste lolle tab~colors trade
◄ player
Player ✩ Jiyu
Join Date ✩ 02/08/2012
Card Count; 185 ✩ 15 to next level
Collecting; Stardust/Black Rose ✩ Other priorities - Logic/Burgers, Eternal, Key
◄ trading buddies
◄ master badges
◄ collecting
Eternal ► 01/20 Key ► 16/20

Deck ► 00/20 Deck ► 00/20

DECK ► 00/20 DECK ► 00/20
◄ OTP Deck
Stardust [13/20] ☆ Black Rose [20/20] ► 33/40
♥ Is it ok if I embrace you? ♥

◄ OTP Deck
Logic [10/20] ☆ Burgers [15/20] ► 25/40
♥ Words are more than a thousand flowers ♥

◄ future collection [15]
◄ future future collection [35]
◄ cards to keep [12]

These are cards I am considering collecting, but more than likely would trade out depending on the offer.

◄ sketchpads & portfolios
◄ up for trade [46]

~*Special cards*~

◄ pending
holds ► 2 crayons ► 7
Holding -
(for galearc)
(for mongoosehwrs; pending: fullmoon18)
x01 x01 x02 x00 x00 x01 x00 x02

~*Tobi-han/Valentine's Day Chocolates*~

◄ trading terms
current ★ Nyet! No trade!
future decks ★ May trade for current decks.
future future decks ★ May trade for current or future decks.
keeping decks ★ Cards I'm considering collecting. Will probably trade out, just ask. Please offer.
special cards ★ Depends on if collecting or not. 1-for 2 regular cards.
special card rationale: 1) takes more to crayon 2) harder to get enough cards for Art Studio, just because there are fewer decks 3) extra rewards for completing a deck 4) counts two colors for a portfolio
trading decks ★ Anything is up for grabs. Prefer to trade for current/future collections. If you don't think you have anything I'd like, feel free to link me to your card post! :3
signatures ★ Will trade signatures if available, just ask!
crayons ★ Keeping red, blue, or purple crayons. May trade other colours, just ask.
◄ credit
coding → replica

Welcome welcome! :D

How about my stardust18 for your driving06? :>

Hello! Would you like for your creampuff16?

Welcome! Here's a small welcoming gift.

Edited at 2012-02-09 07:08 am (UTC)

Oh my goodness, thank you! :3

Hi, would you trade guns01 for ? :D

Also, this is a gift!

Oh, sure! :D

Thank you for the gift! >w<

Edited at 2012-02-11 06:08 pm (UTC)


I love your choices of Collecting Decks especially Stardust and Black Rose jsda;lfkdsk;fj

Now, is there anything that I have that interests you for that God of Death14? :) If not, could you please hold it for me until I come back with something? :)

a;sfjjdgfhjsd;kafa;jl They're adorkable little sweeties.

I don't see anything I'm currently interested in, but I'd be more than willing to hold it for you until a later date. :) If possible, could you find me a pretty stardust card? If not, just something from my collecting decks. |D

[A box of chocolates is delivered to your card post. It has a short letter and a card inside.]

I wish you the best on Valentine's Day. Please accept this as it means a lot to me.

Yours truly,
Anon03 ♥



Tobi-han Birthday/Valentine's Event ✩ Log
Accepting Chocolate here~ ♥

Edited at 2012-02-15 11:54 pm (UTC)

Happy Tobi-han day! :D

! ~~

Hi! Would you like for primo19?

I just noticed I have Stardust05 held for a friend that already got the card elsewhere! Would you like it for that God of Death14? :D

Ack and my comment was screened/marked as suspicious. My offer was Stardust05 for the card you're holding for me~

It's fine~ (Only reason I leave it on is because I seem to attract every Russian spambot on Livejournal somehow orz)

The card is all yours!

Thank you so much. :D

Happy Tobi-han Day Tamaryokucha! Have some yummy chocolate!

If you haven't been by yet, I'd love some of your chocolate too!

sob, I don't suppose I have any thing you may be interested in for your samekh07, do I? ;w;

Actually, you have several cards which I'm kind of thinking about collecting trololo~ I'll take it for birthmark15. :)

Happy Tobi-han/belated Valentine's Day! Please enjoy this chocolate~♥

Happy Tobi-han Day!
( ♥ I was late to the event and would really appreciate some chocolate here please and thanks! ♥ )
Love, Kearin ♥

Happy Late Tobi-han Day!!